Manual Pages

Duncan Lithgow duncan at
Tue Feb 14 16:23:37 UTC 2006

At the moment in the Manual Pages section of the docs, it's pretty hard 
to see what is what.

Does anyone actually remember what 'acct' is?

Why don't we pull the 'NAME' from the man page, split the first string 
up to the first space off, we'd get 'acct'. Make that a link, and in 
plain text put everything after ' - ' (in this case 'execution 
accounting file') I see we'd need to do some regex to drop the '/etc/', 
and see if it's possible to make those other links work. Anyway - I can 
do the manual work, but am not much of a coder - and regex drives me crazy.

Then instead of ...

... we'd get:
Xsession - initialize X session
Xsession.options - configuration options for Xsession(5)
acct - execution accounting file
adduser.conf - configuration file for adduser(8) and addgroup(8).
american-english - a list of English words
anacrontab - configuration file for anacron

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