Server Guide Cleanup, and a Suggestion

Brian Shumate bshumate at
Mon Feb 13 00:07:15 UTC 2006

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Hi all,

I just did some minor cleanup in the Server Guide, (rev 2418)  
ensuring that all command examples appear in <screen> tags, but what  
I also noticed is that examples of directories, and filenames were  
being entered in numerous, inconsistent ways, such as with  
<application>, <emphasis role="italic">, and <command> tags.

In an effort to achieve consistency, I have located, and changed all  
occurrences of both directories, and filenames, (except those used in  
<commands>) and enclosed them all in <filename> tags, as that seems  
more appropriate, and certainly more consistent than previously with  
the use of three different tags for the purpose.  If no one has any  
objections to this, I would like to encourage the use of <filename>  
tags for illustrating filenames and directories in the future as it  
seems to be the proper tag for such use, and looks good too.

Also, I have not hear much further in the way of feedback on the VNC  
over SSH Wiki page from last week aside from the excellent suggestion  
to use a different approach for the connection as recommended by  
Andrew Jorgensen, so I am going to go ahead and link it into the  
Documentation page under the Security category as I am confident it  
is accurate, and complete.

Any and all feedback more than welcome!


Brian Shumate
GPG: 0x441E06C0


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