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An idea that just popped into my head: what about video conferences via gnomemeeting? I have done several video conferences (although a lot more high tech) that can be pretty productive, and the cost of it is just that of the bandwidth and a few webcams (Mark: hint hint).

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Including doc-list.

On Fri, 2006-02-10 at 08:43 +1000, Stoffers, Robert LAC wrote:

> The problem with "virtual sprints" is that, for the documentation team =
> at least, they don't work.

I disagree with this: I think the last time we tried to do this it was
actually pretty productive, albeit only a few people were involved. The
telephone can in fact be much more productive than email/irc.

> We were hoping a few more of us would have been sponsored for UBZ so we =
> could do exactly what this sprint will be about, however only one of us =
> was able to obtain sponsorship at that time.=20

Let's face the fact that we're a group of volunteers, and that face to
face work for the whole group is not going to happen very easily. We can
do what we can, and I think a weekend virtual sprint along the lines of
what Henrik has outlined (with irc, wiki notes, telephone conferences
etc) can be helpful.

If well planned (to cater for timezones), it can be successful.

We should focus on what to discuss though: pre-Dapper I think our focus
should be strongly on writing and finishing the documents in hand, for
which such a sprint might not add a lot. On the other hand, if time can
be spared for other projects such as website/wiki organisation, then a
sprint might work nicely. Ditto for post-Dapper brainstorming.

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