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Thu Feb 9 16:10:51 UTC 2006

Hi Patrice,

Thanks for your questions.

On Thu, 2006-02-09 at 16:59 +0100, VETSEL Patrice wrote:
> I understand why the documentation is developped with subversion on 
> docbook format, but did others tools been evaluated ?
> It's seems so natural that a tool like a wiki must be used as the base 
> of writing colaborative documentation.

Yes, we continuously try to evaluate other ways of doing things. A wiki
is a valid way of writing collaborative documentation, as you say. The
reason we do not do this is that the documentation for GNOME and Ubuntu
is published in docbook xml. There is no wiki-based editor for this
markup that I am aware of. All the converters that currently exist are
hopelessly inadequate for our purposes.

But, having said this: lots of documentation activity goes on within the
Ubuntu wiki: the authors of the guides in our repository are always
using that material in developing the documents. So the community
collaborative work is not lost at all!

> My second interrogation is the choice of english as the base.
> So many people (french/spanish/allemand ...) can write excellent 
> documentations but they can't do it in english.
> Have you planed to allow them to participate and integrate their works ?
> May be a special wiki developped for managing multiple collaboratives 
> documentations in many languages
> as to be created ? Or may be this tool exist  ?!

This is an interesting question. Many users who are able to write
documentation in their own language should be encouraged to do so via
the local websites ( etc). For the whole community
to be able to use them, they need to be translated into all languages:
in order to do this, we use a common language (English) which can then
be translated into all other languages. Therefore, where there is good
documentation available in other languages, we would encourage people to
share them with the whole community by translating them (or asking
others to translate them) into English. They can then be shared.


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