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Sat Feb 4 17:46:03 UTC 2006

For Kubuntu quickguide I'll do the same, thanks for the tip

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Hi all,

Corey posted a nice thread in the forums calling for feedback on the
desktopguide (in the desktop support section), and it has been very
successful, with plenty of responses.

Anyone working on the desktopguide can check it out and think about some
of the suggestions made.

Since it has ben so successful, I would think it would be a cool idea to
post something similar in the server section about the serverguide, or a
kubuntu forum for the kubuntu-quickguide.

What do you think? If you post something on, send a PM
to jdong and he will make it a sticky thread (appears at the top of the
category) so people will see it more easily.

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