Ubuntu Book

Paul O'Malley ompaul at eircom.net
Thu Feb 2 08:38:40 UTC 2006

Corey Burger wrote:

>Since the cat is out of the bag, the books primary authors are Jono
>Bacon, Mako and myself. My understanding of the books licenses are the
>GFDL and the CCbysa2.0, the same as the docteam. It is a possible plan
>for the book to live in the doc team repos.
>As for publishing schedule, it will be published in time for Dapper.

Why not 10/20 days after dapper,  just in case of some final tweeking.
I know what the contracts all say, but then again your looking at a long 
life book.
It will have a 5 years life span this is good :-)



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