Book idea--further thoughts

Joseph Method tristil at
Wed Feb 1 15:35:28 UTC 2006

Sorry, and just to be clear , the reason why the text should be free
is so that it can be translated into [insert obscure language] without
the need to do a market study on whether it will sell. The high
principle is that the disposable income of the First World subsidizes
free documentation for the Third World.

On 2/1/06, Joseph Method <tristil at> wrote:
> I believe O'Reilly just might publish copyleft texts. Eric Raymond's
> essays in The Cathedral and the Bazaar are copyleft, Open Publication
> License, version 2.0, and O'Reilly publishes a hard copy. The
> important thing is the Official imprimatur, because that's not
> transferable. Plus, there's the added vaue of a CD; plus, purchasing
> an opensource book is often an underhanded way of making a donation;
> plus, an official Ubuntu book would be something that could be hawked
> directly from the front page of the Ubuntu website, which would
> guarantee a certain number of click-throughs and thus purchases. Also,
> there's the matter of the license: why not use a Creative Commons
> Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license? See how that works? The
> copyright holder would be the only one able to commercially relicense
> the text, while everyone else would be able to freely distribute and
> update it. As for self-publishing, there's, but I don't know
> how cheesy the finished product is.

-J. Method

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