[PATCH] UDG: Begins book->help pages conversion

Matthew Paul Thomas mpt at myrealbox.com
Sun Aug 6 11:22:20 UTC 2006

Matthew East wrote:
> ...
> If we are going to use ghelp: links to refer to other articles in the
> help system, and start integrating some of the upstream manuals into the
> body of the desktop guide, I think the answer is to retire books
> entirely for now.
> Sorry to see it go of course, but there is not enough time before edgy
> to work on both a good help system and a good set of books. Maybe in
> future releases we can start to work on both.
> ...

So here's a patch to start the conversion of the Ubuntu Desktop Guide
from a book into a categorized collection of help pages, by removing the
preface. Here's where each part went.
*   "Introduction to the Ubuntu Desktop Guide": Deleted. Redundant with
    the table of contents.
*   "Conventions": Mostly deleted. If the admonition and command-line
    displays aren't obvious, that's a bug to be fixed in Yelp's CSS;
    adding a page explaining them won't work. The parts on menu items
    and keyboard shortcuts are temporarily moved to the "Getting
    Started" section.
*   "Contributing and Feedback": Now in its own "How you can help"
    section. Again, this is temporary, but I think it would be quite
    shippable if I got hit by a bus tomorrow and nobody made further

After this I'll go to work on rearranging the "Getting Started" and
"Common Tasks" sections into more useful categories.

Matthew Paul Thomas
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