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Ok, a couple of things have happened here. I haven't had the time to complete the Kubuntu version of the FAQ Guide, and as a result of shipping as XML the Kubuntu profile had to be removed from it. Sean has forked off a Kubuntu version but it is just an outdated version of the Ubuntu FAQ Guide with nothing written for Kubuntu (so its not ready for release).

After the dust has settled and Breezy is released we will discuss what to do with the Kubuntu FAQ Guide, I'm sure we can still have a cost effective version without making a complete fork (although this may be the way it will have to be).


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I know that Rob has been doing a lot of work on the FAQ and it is his baby.  I 
have some questions on if anything has been done for Kubuntu in the FAQ guide 
or is everything Ubuntu related?  I know there will be differences in some 
things, including the Application installation section.  Is the 
trunk/kde/kfaqguide/C/ the most current Kubuntu FAQ?

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