little script for generating translated docs

Matthew East mdke at
Mon Sep 26 16:42:36 UTC 2005

Hi Jeff, and list.

Jeff volunteered at the meeting the other day to write a small script
which will generate translated docs from the stuff that we can
periodically download from Rosetta and upload to branches/breezy. I
offered to write an explanation of exactly what we need so here I go.

From Rosetta we get a tar of the translated po files. We can upload this

branches/breezy/gnome/aboutubuntu/rosetta-aboutubuntu.tar.gz and

I've uploaded an example of each for illustration.

These need to be unpacked and then each po file (which will be named
cc.po, where cc = two letter language code) needs to go into this


(where cc = two letter language code)

Then, the po files need to be converted to xml using the following

(for aboutubuntu)
xml2po -p cc.po ../C/about-ubuntu.xml > about-ubuntu-cc.xml

(for faqguide)
xml2po -e -p cc.po ../C/faqguide.xml > faqguide-cc.xml

Apologies for the absence of -e in the first one, that is because I
forgot to use it when creating the pot for aboutubuntu, and it is too
late to change that now.

Then, the newly created -cc.xml file needs to get an "svn add" done on

The user that ran the script can then do an svn commit.

I *think* this is all that is needed, but if it doesn't work, let's
debug it on this thread.

It seems like a simple script, but I can't script at all, so that is why
I've requested help :)


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