Why all the empty pages?

Duncan Lithgow duncan at lithgow-schmidt.dk
Mon Sep 12 10:37:39 UTC 2005

  > empty?  there is some content in that spec page; name of people working
 > on it by it, a little summary of the issue, etc.
 > that page was used for one of the session during the UDU conference in
 > the spring. Just click on its title, and you will see that 12 wiki pages
 > link to it.

Cool, didn't know one could do that by clicking on the title. Thanks

 > We have been keeping pages from past Ubuntu conferences for historical
 > reason, so that one fits in that category.

I don't understand - what is the wiki for? It can't be for absolutely 
everything, old conference notes? It's tying up a very relevant name: 
"ThirdPartyVendorSoftware". Surely that wiki name shouldn't be used by 
notes for an old conference...

But really, it does beg the question of what the wiki is for and how it 
can be tidied up. Should there be a seperate wikiweb dedicated to 

Or should we just start renaming pages fomr the conference (for example) 
with a suitable prefix? Perhaps such things be renamed to (for example) 


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