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Matthew East matthew.east.ubuntu at breathe.com
Sun Sep 11 17:29:32 UTC 2005

On Sun, 2005-09-11 at 18:54 +0200, Duncan Lithgow wrote:
> Hi, I'm Duncan
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DuncanLithgow
> I've started playing with the very first page I hit... 
> UserDocumentation. I'm going to start restructuring it to match the 
> structure of http://ubuntu-doc.ath.cx/gnome/userguide/C/ Ubuntu User Guide

Hi Duncan,

Welcome aboard and I'm glad that you've posted some of your ideas to
this list so that we can discuss them! It's great to have an extra hand
with the documentation on the wiki. 

In terms of the structure of that page, I also agree that the page needs
work, but my only word of warning would be to remember that the Ubuntu
Userguide you link to is not a finished document, and as such does not
really have a totally solid structure. While I was doing some work on it
earlier this year I realised that there are a lot of problems with the
structure that needed to be sorted out. In the end the document has not
had much work on it since then and will not get released with Breezy...

So, definitely hack around with UserDocumentation, and if you think the
structure that we've worked out does not work, feel free to modify it
directly or post your ideas to the list.

> I hate duplication of word. Where Ubuntu works the same as debian or 
> some other *nix - and good documentation already exists(open license 
> etc.), we should link to it, not recreate it.

Couldn't agree more: this is one of the hardest problems that we have in
the Ubuntu community at the moment, people putting a lot of awesome
effort into various projects, and not harnessing enough the stuff that
already exists.

Welcome again,

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