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Sean Wheller sean at
Tue Oct 18 06:25:47 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 18 October 2005 05:04, Mauricio Hernandez wrote:
> I was telling him to take advantage of what we already have (Moin,
> DocBook, Svn, etc) in a most proper way.
> IMHO, Moin is perfec to start documenting stuff under collaborative
> environment.

Utopia would be a full roundtrip from the heart-to-the-edge and back again.

Reality is that nobody really focuses on that vision with any passion. 

I have been using Docbook for a good few years and I have found that the best 
solution is to work direct in the Docbook XML source and transform from there 
to all other formats required. There is no easy back trip. Managing the edits 
to all those presentation formats and bringing them back to the source is 
lots of programming and lots of manual labour.
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