[Dapper] About Ubuntu/ Browser start page ideas

Matt Kirchhoff mek at somnonym.org
Mon Oct 17 23:15:17 UTC 2005

Quoth Corey Burger on 10/15/2005 2:06 PM:
> It has been generally agreed that the current About Ubuntu and browser
> start pages are less than ideal.
> I think we should seperate the browser start page and About Ubuntu for
> dapper. We can leave the current About Ubuntu, simply shortening it
> slightly.

I don't mind the two being the same. I doubt many people hit
System->About Ubuntu, but most will see the webpage.

Adding another div at the top with links to each topic instead of having
everything on one big page might help w/ Jerome's concern. Corey's idea
of having an additional div with links to community resources sounds
like a good one to me.

Matt Kirchhoff

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