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Jerome Gotangco jgotangco at
Wed Oct 12 12:16:45 UTC 2005

The doc list has 221 members (and lessening..) and that means all of
those people receive the bug report (along with any bugzilla update).
The active docteam members can be counted with my fingers and half of
that access/edit bugzilla. The list isn't the right place to have the
bug report even if its just less than 30 bug reports.

I'd be willing to be QA contact for Documentation as part of my team
coordination duties and assign bugs as needed even if other active
members get EDITBUG privs. I don't see anything counterproductive with
that regard.

Finally, we can continue the discusssion off-list.

> I think that the best idea is for Documentation and ubuntu-docs bugs to go
> to the list. We are a volunteer group and there is nothing to say that
> members who take care of particular documents will always continue to do so.
> Also, any member of the team can fix a particular bug with documentation.
> Therefore IMO the current situation (that the docteam mailing list is the
> default QA for bugs in Documentation, INCLUDING the faqguide) should be
> maintained. Putting bugs on one specific member without the list seeing them
> would be counterproductive.

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