[Bug 17265] easiest way to install software is not synaptic!

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------- Additional Comments From wouterstomp at yahoo.com  2005-10-08 01:10 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #3)
> If you had
> an issue with this then the time to bring it up was several weeks (even months
> ago), trying to document a moving target such as the Ubuntu operating system is
> not an easy task.

I know, don't understand me wrong, you guys did a great job. Why I bring this up
now is because I just noticed it (didn't even know about the faq guide being
included). So you would suggest not filing bugs at this moment for
documentation? Isn't it better to report them now and keep them open till thay
are fixed (regardless wether it is in breezy or one of the next Ubuntu versions)?

> There is nothing stopping people using either install program, its just that one
> only focuses on Gnome apps, where as the FAQ Guide focuses on Ubuntu as a whole.

Not only gnome apps, all desktop apps.

> In my opinion gnome-app-install has a poorly designed interface also, just
> because we have exploding menus doesn't mean its the best option for everything.

While that is just a matter of personal taste, it is described in the release
notes as 
"An enhanced tool for easily installing new applications"
It just seems strange to me then to say in the documentation that synaptic is
the easiest way to install software.

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