[Bug 18050] Help ubuntu docs pointing to pt_BR instead of pt (PT).

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Wed Nov 30 15:15:07 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From astronomy at mail.pt  2005-11-30 15:15 UTC -------
The problem is precisely in Breezy final. To add some confusion on this, after
using language-selector to change between languages, and then going back to
Portuguese (Portugal), now /etc/environment is 


In my first post, the output of cat /etc/environment was from a fresh Breezy
installation. When I try to reproduce this bug now (with the environment of the
previous lines) I only get the documents in English. 

So, two problems it seems to me. Language-selector does not restore the original
environment set by the installation. And the second problem, in both
environments I mentioned, System, Help, Starter Guide and About Ubuntu never
appear in pt_PT, in the first enviroment posted they appear in pt_BR, and in the
environment I show above, they appear in English.

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