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Matthew East mdke at
Wed Nov 30 00:54:59 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-11-30 at 08:41 +0800, Jerome Gotangco wrote:
> Playing as devil's advocate though, you'll have a higher chance of
> confusing the new user on what to really use. GAI and Synaptic was
> done with a purpose in the first place and not just for "bling". I'd
> still go for GAI/Synaptic for desktop, apt/aptitude for server.

Yeah, we should remain wary of confusing users (although to some extent
users will already be slightly confused by the GAI/Synaptic dualism
(_TWO_ package managers??) I think we can help reduce confusion by:

* Putting GAI first in the "package management" section
* Making it clear that this is the easiest way to install "simple"
programs, and that synaptic can be easily accessed from within GAI.
* Making it clear that other alternative ways of installing programs are
just that: alternative.

So the structure of the section could look like this:

* Package Management
  * Installing/Removing Programs
    * Basic Program Management (Add/Remove Program Tool)
    * Advanced Program Management (Synaptic)
    * Alternative Program Management (apt)
  * Keeping your system up to date
  * Upgrading to the next version of Ubuntu (if required)

Even if we only documented GAI/Synaptic, that still doesn't mean that
the program sections have to refer to the program used: they can simply
refer back to the package management section, and specify the name of
the program to be installed.

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