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Matthew East mdke at
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On Wed, 2005-11-30 at 10:10 +1000, Stoffers, Robert LAC wrote:

> Have a look at the multimedia section where I have done something similar to your suggestion, 
> although I will probably re-write/reorganise most of that for clarity (I just kind of brain dumped on it). 

Ah awesome.

> Also, I uploaded a few major changes to the Package Management
>  section yesterday. Gnome-app-install will be used to install 
> packages where possible, then apt-get for everything without 
> a .desktop file. I think this will be the simplest solution given
>  the fact Ubuntu wants to promote GAI ahead of Synaptic. The plan
>  from here is to change all the installation information throughout
>  the document to reflect this change, one thing that will go is 
> having the categories listed as its no longer needed.

I still favour the solution which would explain to the user all of the
options available for installing _any_ package (albeit making it clear
that the simplest way is via gnome app install). This would allow the
installation information throughout the document to be completely
"install-program" neutral, and just refer back to that section, which
would have the following advantages:
 * greater clarity (IMO);
 * users can decide which package management program they like for their
particular style of use, and if they decide a "non-default" method, the
rest of the guide is still equally clear;
 * we do not have to check every package to see if it appears in GAI ;)

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