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Matthew East mdke at ubuntu.com
Mon Nov 21 01:49:48 UTC 2005

On Sun, 2005-11-20 at 15:56 +1000, Robert Stoffers wrote:
> Hi,
> After much thought and tinkering I have put together the layout for the
> Dapper Drake Ubuntu Desktop Starter Guide and began to flesh out
> sections using parts of the Ubuntu User Guide, information from the
> Ubuntu forums and wiki, and writing/rewriting some parts myself. What I
> would like is some feedback on the current layout and format of the
> Desktop Starter Guide, what things people would like to see
> added/moved/removed and any other suggestions you have to offer.

I have only been able to have a real quick look at it (assuming the
preview server is up to date), what struck me was that the structure is
not particularly intuitive. For example, there is a section on "Music
and Video" and a separate section on "Codecs and DVD's".

I think essentially the problem is caused by the fact that the top three
levels (Getting Started, Common Tasks, Configuring Your System) are not
mutually exclusive, i.e. they overlap. When structuring a document I
think it is very important to work in a non-overlapping tree. I think we
should have a hack at a draft structure (i don't see one on the spec
page anymore).

The other thing I would very briefly comment is that we're going to need
to work on the look. It is confusing, although I think some fairly basic
changes to the css will help (please can we use one css and stylesheets
for all Ubuntu guides, rather than separate ones for the
desktopguide?!?). Example of bad look is:


mdke at ubuntu.com
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