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Nick Loeve ubuntu at
Wed Mar 30 07:42:30 UTC 2005

Corey Burger wrote:
> Mark,
> As the major proponent of wiki-for-everything, and the one that got
> into that flame war about wikis, I can say that all Sean says is
> exactly what we discussed and how it ideally should work.
> The major project I will be working on for breezy will be FAQ and
> HOWTO documents. Small, bitesized and task oriented docs for specific
> things.  This is the sort of project that can be done very well in a
> wiki, and displayed very well in the same.
> There is a project, written in PHP, called docbook wiki. While I
> understand that PHP is not the language of choice, the developers of
> that may be able to help with extending zwiki in a similar direction.
> Corey Burger

Hi Corey,

Looks like a cool app. How far have you got with it?

If you haven't gotten too far, maybe we should try to extend Moin to do 
something similar? We could use the docteam SVN too, instead of CVS.

I have not used Moin, so i do not know if it is a Zope app or what, but 
as a fellow PHP'er, maybe we can dive-into-python together :) All Puns 

trickie (Nick Loeve)

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