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Sean Wheller sean at inwords.co.za
Thu Mar 17 12:27:25 UTC 2005

On Thursday 17 March 2005 08:23, Corey Burger wrote:
> Nice work. A little wordier than how I would write a howto, but in the
> same general theme.

OK, I am writing it for desktop users who are not as technical as most of us 
on the team are. So more words and fluff are provided.

> Couple of points that you might want to consider:
> 1. A stronger opening paragraph. Maybe a little who, why what, when
> sort of thing?

Like what would you say. Please add your thoughts to the doc.

> 2. Some inconsistent language choices. Ie. "As a GNOME user you may be
> concerned that your favorite GNOME applications will not be able to
> run under Kubuntu" contrasted with "all your favorite GNOME
> applications will be integrated with your KDE menu system."

Why is that inconsistent? The first sentence and second are in separate 
para's. The first sentence talks about compatability, the second about 
integration with the menu system. I can see the problem so please modify the 
text as you think.

> 3. Command line stuff. This is what we get murdered for over at the
> windows forums. We need some general pictures of each app on the menu
> that can be reused.

At present not all apps are integrated to kmenu in kubuntu, hence the only way 
I can ask a person to start the app is via command line. I agree with would 
be better to use a menu choice.

> 4. GDM vs KDM. Is there a specific reason that the user can't just
> keep you using GDM? Is there a specific reason that the user can't
> switch to KDM? IMHO, howtos should show the choice that the writers
> feel is correct and add notes(not inline) if explanation is needed.

KDM and GDM are very different Display Managers. Some applications actually 
require GDM and some people just prefer to use GDM. I can't say why, but that 
is the way it is. So I give a choice, the user can decide. This section is 
there mainly to overcome concerns by users who are doing this for the first 
time. You will be surprise how many people ask, "If I install KDM, can I get 
GDM back?"

> 5. The word "package management". Replace with programs for KDE?

Yes, it is awkward. But since neither kynaptic or synaptic are integrated to 
kmenu, I had to put this info in. In addition, the situation where stuff is 
out in universe is temporary thing. As Kynaptic is integrated to kmenu and 
all stuff is in 'main' I think all will remain is "About Kynaptic."

> 6. Tie in Kynaptic para with one above?

see 5

> 7. I really wish there was a better front-end (graphical) to
> dpkg-reconfigure

Oh well, we don't have YaST so it is a bit problematic. In fact we don't have 
a GUI to dpkg at all. So ncurses was the fastest and safest way I can think 
of explaining how to do it. Perhaps you have another way?

I can however, say that I heard that some guys are porting YaST to Debian. In 
addition I tested knetworkconf last night and that is the direction we need 
to go in. If everything in dpkg was available as a KPart under Kcontrol it 
would be the ultimate.

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