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On Monday 14 March 2005 01:18, you wrote:
> > We are often get requests to edit documents external to our primary
> > domain, but which I mean documents that are not wiki or part of
> > ubuntu-docs. For example, the Synaptic Manual. 
> >
> > There are a number of problems with this: 
> > 1. Moving out to do external docs detracts from our 
> > focus and therefore diminishes productivity in ubuntu-doc. Naturally, we
> > cannot stop people doing external docs and don't want to stop them. We
> > also want to help on other things and do ubuntu-docs. We want to do
> > everything :-)
> >
> > 2. Where is the repos? It is time consuming to determine where the
> > repository for a given document is. Is there a snapshot in some server
> > within the ubuntu community, or must we go all the way upstream to get a
> > copy against which we can patch. Getting and installing sources from the
> > software repository just consumes disk space.
> >
> > I wonder how we can manage this. Perhaps we can have a list of where to
> > get certain docs and grow that over time. A single place to find this
> > info would be a blessing. Do you want to discuss this problem?
> + 1 on point 1.
> +1+1 on point 2. I don't know how authoritive we will be on this topic
> without maybe discussing the issue (and what to do) with someone like
> jdub or mdz.

Perhaps it is possible for us to start compiling a list in wiki. Changes in 
the list will be minimal since repositories don't usually have a tendancy to 
move very often. For now it is just a case of trying ter determine where the 
repository is and add it.

Sometimes people put links to repositories in the wiki, like this example:

But generally they don't. So another option is when we find the repos, is to 
add a link to the related wiki page. The downside for us is that we then have 
to trawl the wiki to find the page and we we stand a good chance of getting 

What do people think? Any ideas? Would a wiki page help?
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