Rehashing wikis

Matthew East matthew.east at
Tue Mar 8 11:38:47 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2005-03-07 at 19:58 -0800, Jeff Schering wrote:

> Yes, the wiki pages are in need of pruning and consolidation. Consider
> that there is both a Docbook page and a DocBook page!
> The structure you imposed is very clear, easy to follow, and logical.
> I'm jealous!
> I added a Purpose section at the very beginning. It allows people to
> find out fairly quickly if the page has the information they are
> looking for. A purpose section also includes many of the keywords that
> people may be looking for, and moves the page further up in the search
> results.

Yes that is a big improvement.

> Perhaps every page should have Purpose, Table of Contents, and
> Overview sections. (Should they be called sections or chapters? Me, I
> like sections.)

I agree with both of these points. A quick question on formatting. I
haven't investigated yet how the code of the wikis work, but the
RestrictedFormats wiki is in something called reStructured text, and
I've noticed that the section that you inserted does not have an
underlined title (much better than the other sections). I made a brief
attempt to do the same to the other sections but only succeeded in
underlining your section too, so I didn't apply the changes. Do you know
of instructions on how this wiki code works?

> The title of the page doesn't seem right to me, but I can't
> immediately think of an alternative. "RestrictedFormats" doesn't
> really explain the contents very well. The page describes how to
> obtain additional formats more than it tells you about what formats
> are not available.

Hmm. I take your point but it is a tricky thing to think of a new one. I
suppose the formats that it describes are to some extent non-free, and
hence restricted, but i agree it's not an ideal name.

> May I suggest the DocBook and Docbook pages?

Yes I would like to combine the two. There is also a docbook_test page
which looks rather incomplete and abandoned. Perhaps if we are
successful in combining them then some of the superfluous ones can be
removed. There are so many wikis!

I will have to read up a bit on docbook before doing it because I
haven't used that format before.


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