To Yelp or not to Yelp? That's the Question

Sean Wheller sean at
Sat Mar 5 08:38:10 UTC 2005

On Saturday 05 March 2005 00:33, Nick Loeve wrote:
> > Using this method enables us to use the full publishing feature set and
> > build an Ubuntu customization layer. It also better enables us to benefit
> > from the advances in development comming from the Docbook community. Some
> > may know that Docbook 5.0 is around the corner and the long awaited
> > availability of RelaxNG (RNG) will come with it. Moving to RNG will solve
> > many problems of DTD and will enable many new possabilities for us. I
> > cannot see Yelp providing immediate support for RNG and the entire set of
> > publishing capabilities available with native docbook.
> Yeah, i was reading about this the other day. Sean, i know RNG schemas
> are alot easier to read, but could you tell me what else is wrong with
> DTD's and what RNG will provide for us that DTD's don't?

Whew that would be an essay. If you have the time please read this document 
from the thai open source initiative.

> > <sidebar>
> > On I have mentioned
> > "Blue Sky" that I would like to develop using XUL the UbuntuBar and
> > UbuntuNavigator.
> Thats a great idea(s) Sean. XUL is not extremely difficult to use, so i
> could see a few people from the docteam being able to get their hands
> dirty with it.

Thanks Nick for the vote of confidence.

However, it seems that people are confusing this proposal with some other 
issues we are currently discussing. So, again, I must state that this would 
be a tool that will work under Mozilla and Firefox and that this is a project 
separate from my aim of providing the ubuntu-docs on Any Browser. 

Users should always have the choice whether to use Mozilla/Firefox or not and 
our ubuntu-docs should be available under their chosen application. My 
suggestions are just an application layer that enables convenience, easier 
access to information for Mozilla/Firefox users and is a drive above and 
separate from the Any Browser format. 

The ideas mentioned are very much "blue skying" on my part. Just ideas to 
enhance accessability to ubuntu-docs.

This said, I would like to remind people that enrico has gone to the trouble 
of creating a web page to store ideas. Can people please add their wishes to 
this page so we have it there.

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