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Sean Wheller sean at
Thu Mar 3 10:59:53 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 02 March 2005 21:47, Thom May wrote:
> I've been looking at the OMF situation to try and track down why yelp isn't
> displaying docs, and noticed some problems:
> The major one is that you're installing OMF files as
> /usr/share/omf/foo/bar.omf . Best practice is to encode the language code
> into the OMF file, so you can handle translations; eg:
> /usr/share/omf/ubuntu-docs/about-ubuntu-C.omf
> Also, you need to make use of `scrollkeeper-get-content-list C` to ensure
> that your documents are going to be listed where you expect by
> scrollkeeper, if at all.
> The following patch to about-ubuntu.omf gets the About Ubuntu document into
> Yelp.

Thanks Thom,

I added that to the omf files this morning and we are able to see the docs in 

We will take a look at the language part. I think it is also important, but 
does not impact on seeing or not seeing stuff in yelp.

The problem is that we want to see our docs in the default page of yelp. At 
present we see them under Other Documentation

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