I'll lend a hand...

David Ottina dotti at telenet.be
Wed Jun 29 13:21:18 UTC 2005

Thanks for the welcome Matt. (no pun intended)

> > User profiles, roles, personas or anything that
> > talks about what sort of goals, skills, usage patterns and
> > backgrounds users may have. 
> We don't have this to my knowledge.

Perhaps another group (marketing? development?) has this already. In my
experience it can be useful for building consensus about the appropriate
content, detail and complexity of docs. If we all have a different user
in our minds eye, consistency will be difficult to maintain. Also if
there are distinct types of users it may help inform the documentation

Does anyone else think such a doc may be helpful? If so I can rough
something up to open the discussion. Feedback?

> What areas are you interested in working on? You can see our projects
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocteamProjects
> In my opinion, much love is needed on the Gnome Userguide, but plenty
> other documents also need help! 

Otherwise, I'm installed with gnome so I'd be happy to help on this,
although I am very new to linux. The style guide looks interesting in as
much if it is going to be used, probably best to get it out as quickly
as possible. I can also wiki around a bit.


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