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------- Additional Comments From matthew.east at breathe.com  2005-06-29 10:56 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #0)
> The intro page seems to not have a title, so going "System -> About Ubuntu", the
> window loads but the title is stuck as "Loading..."

Dup of http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=7454

> > make Ubuntu the operating system your family and friends and office colleagues
> will love to use
> family, friends, and office colleagues

Seems fixed now.
> And on the "The wonderful world of linux" page:
> > Built on the solid and advanced based of Debian

> base of Debian (all other uses of "based" are correct, it's just this one that
> needs the "d" chopping off)

Is fixed.

> > Ubuntu aims to create a Debian-based distribution
> the base of debian was mentioned already, "Ubuntu aims to create a distribution"
> is enough

Is fixed.
> > Ubuntu includes a number of selected packages [...]
> is a VERY long sentance. I'd rewrite it as:
> Ubuntu includes a number of selected packages from Debian, and is based on its
> powerful "APT" package management system. APT allows easy installation and clean
> removal of programs, as well as automatically downloading extra packages to
> satisfy dependencies.

Is fixed.

> > Unlike most distributions that ship a wide range of software packages that may
> or may
> > Not be of quality, Ubuntu's list of packages is reduced to a number of important
> > applications of high quality.
> "may Not be" should all be lowercase, and "quality" is used twice; I'd rewrite as:

Is fixed.

> Unlike most distributions that ship a wide range of software that may or may not
> be of high quality, Ubuntu's core list of packages is reduced to only the
> important applications (Although for maximum choice, you may choose from the
> full list, rather than being limited to the high quality core).
> > Ubuntu do Not currently install the KDE desktop by default.
> Ubuntu does not

Is fixed. 
> > The reason for this is that the project does Not, at this stage, have the
> > resources to put the same level of post-freeze work into the KDE packages
> > as is put into the GNOME packages.
> the project does not currently have the resources to apply the same level of
> quality assurance to the KDE packages as is put into the GNOME ones.
> (Average users may not understand the concept of freezing packages)

No longer present.

IN GENERAL: thanks very much for the feedback. The best way of getting
corrections like this sorted out is to submit a patch for us. If you need help
with contributing to the team, write to the mailing list
(ubuntu-doc at lists.ubuntu.com), visit our wiki page
(https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam) or our irc channel (#ubuntu-doc @

thanks, Matt

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