Harnassing the Gnome User Guide for our document

matthew.east.ubuntu at breathe.com matthew.east.ubuntu at breathe.com
Wed Jun 29 00:25:21 UTC 2005

Guys and gals, 

The Gnome user guide is awesome stuff: if we can harnass it and bring the 
relevant bits (almost all of it) into our Userguide, we will go along way 
towards getting that document into shape for breezy. Obviously, not all of 
it will be relevant, and it may not cover the whole scope of the Ubuntu 
Userguide, but for things like "how to write cd's", "how to deal with 
panels, menus etc" it will be really helpful IMO, as long as care is taken 
that it is up to date with the current Gnome release. 

The people taking charge of the userguide (Squinn and JonA are you still 
doing this?) should take note of this document I think. Whenever I work on 
the userguide I will be lifting sections out. 


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