matthew.east.ubuntu at matthew.east.ubuntu at
Fri Jun 17 17:14:30 UTC 2005

> We hope you will enjoy the functionality and improved performance of the
> new system and we regret any inconvenience you may experience during the
> transfer process.

Something that has been introduced in the new wiki is CATEGORIES. Pages can 
be placed in categories to aid in navigation. One thing that needs to be 
done (although is not urgent) is to categorise user pages under 
CategoryHomepage. This is really easy and is a good way for people to help 
out on the wiki. The more hands help with this, the quicker it will be done. 

See http://wiki.ubuntu.con/UserPages/talk for information. Its really 

Thanks to all that help! 


p.s. awesome meeting yesterday, thanks to everyone who showed up and 
participated! I will be writing up minutes over the weekend, and we can 
begin to implement some of the things we planned!

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