Planned Documentation Team meeting on June 16, 2005 22:00 UTC

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at
Wed Jun 8 13:36:04 UTC 2005

> Conversely, the main communication channels for the doc team has been
> the doc mailing list and the doc IRC channel. Doc team members have not
> participated very much in the standard Ubuntu communication channels,
> such as CC meeting (I'm sure there are notable exceptions though). A
> common perception has been that developers are very busy and should be
> hassled as little as possible. While it is true that they are quite
> busy, a bit of hassle now can often save us all a great deal of hassle
> later. If wishes from the doc team are presented in a structured way,
> such as through a properly formulated proposal to the CC, placed on the
> agenda it will be given its due consideration.

If one cannot attend the CC meetings, is there another place to see what is 
going on?  Maybe a broader view besides the docteam mailing list and the IRC?  
I know #ubuntu and #kubuntu are pretty much just tech support is there 
another channel or something?  I haven't found one mentioned on the wiki

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