Planned Documentation Team meeting on June 16, 2005 22:00 UTC

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Wed Jun 8 07:32:49 UTC 2005

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Greetings everyone,

It has been a while since the Documentation Team had a meeting[1] and we
haven't been formally updating each other with our current projects. Now
that Breezy development is underway (and rockin'), it is a good time for
us to meet again to review and discuss our current project targets[2]
and create a roadmap for future Ubuntu documentation releases.

Everyone interested in shaping the future of Ubuntu documentation for
Breezy/Post-Breezy is welcome to join. We have an initial agenda
available at the wiki at:

Also, at last night's (or rather this morning in my timezone) Community
Council meeting, we have discussed the problems we have encountered as a
major (and community-driven) project that relies so much on proper
communication between developers and documentation. As Ubuntu grows, we
cannot ignore or accept things as they are right now. We have agreed
that the Community Council can serve to bridge that gap between teams.
Mark (sabdfl) has requested members of the documentation team to draft a
wiki page listing the technical, communication, and infrastructure
issues we are facing at the moment, as well as our preferred team plan
to tackle them.

Docteam members, please list any pressing issues that needs to be
discussed during this meeting on the wiki. Sean, please consider posting
them as well. ;-)

The planned meeting (@ #ubuntu-meeting) is on June 16th, 2005 at
22:00UTC. Please reply back to me if there would be conflicts for this
meeting. If there are no pressing issues that would require us to change
the time and date, we will go ahead with this schedule.

Kind regards to everyone,


[1] See the past meeting minutes at

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