Abdullah Ramazanoglu ar018 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 2 19:37:04 UTC 2005

Chua Wen Kiat dedi ki:

> Hello,
> Sure go ahead with the license change. I've got no objection with it.
> Just find a nice corner to put my name in it :-)
> Btw, I'm out of town for few days and can't get much Internet access.
> Will only be back on foot on early next week. Catch u all later in the
> irc room later
> Regards,
> Chua Wen Kiat

Hello Chua,

Many thanks for the Ubuntuguide.org, which I've based the Unofficial
Kubuntu Faq on.

As you might have already read in my reply to Sean, while Kubuntu Faq is
dual copyrighted by you and me, I've changed its license to GFDL without
consulting you. Sorry for that, I tho?ght it was the same as or better
than GPL for a document. I can keep it as GFDL if you give your consent,
or change it back to GPL (all the same for me). What do you think?

Best regards,
Abdullah Ramazanoglu
aramazan ÄT myrealbox D0T cöm

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