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Sean Wheller sean at inwords.co.za
Thu Jun 2 17:26:40 UTC 2005

On Thursday 02 June 2005 19:34, Henrik Nilsen Omma wrote:
> I agree with your work process, though I think the layout needs to be
> integrated better with the existing site than your image suggests. It
> should probably go under the 'Support' tab. I'll do some more thinking
> and make a mock-up web page.

If it fits under the support tab and all real-estate below the top from of the 
web site is free for the search, toc and main view (left and right frames) 
then it should not be a problem.

What we can do is use the top as a frameset of the help to include HTML that 
mirrors the top of the ubuntu web site. That way the look and feel is 
integrated, but it is actually the web app not wiki. Could also work in the 
distro :-)
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