2005-02-21 Ubuntu-doc report

Enrico Zini enrico at enricozini.org
Mon Feb 21 18:02:05 UTC 2005

Welcome to today's Ubuntu-doc report, covering Feb 16 to Feb 21.

* #ubuntu-doc, problems registering.

 svenl asked:
    i have a problem with registering on the wiki, i tried to register,
    but the join page claims my email address (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) is
    already in the database. I am not sure if i added it or not, but
    there is no way to get my password back.

 Kinnison replied with a link to the Forgotten Password page:
    which appearently is normally difficult to find.

* #ubuntu-doc, help on using the repository

 Liz and Froud had an online, hands-on session on how to use the
 repository.  I've been turning the log in a step by step guide, and
 I've put it in the wiki at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocteamStepByStepRepository
 While adding links to that guide from other pages, I realized how much
 that tutorial was needed and how a link to it completes many other
 pages in a nice way.

 Thanks Liz for asking, and Sean for answering, now we have a really
 nice starting tutorial.

* DocteamRepository, tons of patches!

 Whoever is subscribed to the ubuntu-doc-commits mailing list[1] will
 have noticed a flood of recent activity, mainly regarding the

 Have a look at it[2]: it ROCKS!  I really wish I had such a book when I
 first installed any operating system on my computer.

* #ubuntu-doc, Welcome back Plovs!

 Alexander Poslavsky is BACK!  He appeared in the #ubuntu-doc channel
 with a perfect timing, to make me remove a "Where is Plovs?" section
 that I had just typed in this very same issue of the Report.

 Welcome back Alexander: everyone was missing you and asking of your
 news.  And let me introduce you to Mary, Jeff and Liz, who joined the
 team while you were away.



[1] http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-doc-commits
[2] http://people.ubuntu.com/~mako/docteam/quickguide/
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