2005-02-16 Ubuntu-doc report

Enrico Zini enrico at enricozini.org
Wed Feb 16 18:19:31 UTC 2005

Welcome to today's Ubuntu-doc report.  Now that the IRC channel is
fairly quiet, I decided to take away the '#' before Ubuntu-doc and make
a report about the whole ubuntu-doc community.

* Packaging of documentation

#ubuntu-doc, feb 14

After being urged by mdz, Enrico and Sean met on #ubuntu-doc to deal
with packaging of the documentation, addressing these issues:
 - Installing HTML versions in /usr/share/doc/<package>/html
 - Installing XML versions for yelp
 - Allowing to have only some documents installed (the QuickGuide, for
   example, is really good at the beginning, but one may want to remove
   it later while still keeping the FAQ Guide)
 - Putting the right images in every package, so that deinstalling a
   package frees the appropriate amount of space
 - [for when we generate pdf] Install PDF versions in

Things were not obvious, but with some help from Kinnison and Jordie
from #ubuntu-devel we finally pulled all the informations together, and
now .debs are buildable from the sources.  Sean already committed the
script that tells what images go in what packages, and Enrico will
implement correct distribution of images in the next days.

* List activity

A big, warm welcome to Liz, Mary Gardiner and Jeff Schering, that joined
the list in the last days!

   Mary came in, realised that it was not that easy to understand what
   needed to be done, and in the best spirit of Free Software and Ubuntu
   made some research then started a forthnightly Selected Open Task
   posting.  That was and is SO needed!

   Jeff contributed a major patch that brings content to most of the
   items in the QuickGuide, by taking it from the documentation of the
   respective application.

And a welcome back to Nick Loeve that got back to hacking on the Release



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