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Thu Nov 25 00:09:35 UTC 2004

On Wed, Nov 24, 2004 at 06:02:52PM +1100, Nick Loeve wrote:

> > I see the possibility of having a package for ubuntu documentation
> > people ("docteam-tools" or something alike) which installs a guideline
> > document (on which I could work with Matt, if Matt agrees) and various
> > docbook templates (on which I could work with Nick, if Nick agrees.
> > Matt, Nick: if you agree, I can create and post a skeleton package and
> > then we can fill it up together.
> Yep. I would love to help out. I am currently trying to do some stuff
> for the usersguide, and work is really heavy at the moment, but as long
> as the deadline isn't too tight, this sounds like a great idea!

I started the skeleton package: please find it at:

In my intentions, the package would host the common XML entities and the
Style Guide.  Plus, if we'll think of other tools that could be useful
to us, we'll have a potential place to put them in.

Everyone is welcome to have a look.  Hornbeck: is it possible to create
a subversion repository for it as well?



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