volvoguy volvoguy at
Mon Nov 22 05:38:54 UTC 2004

Sorry I seem to keep missing these important IRC chats. Are we trying
to stick to covering only what is included in a default installation?
Because of my medical problems I don't really want to commit to a
section and let everyone down when I can't do it, but I can problem
*help* if there's a graphic design or photo editing section. The two
main apps I use are the Gimp (obviously) and Inkscape (which is in
main, but not installed by default).

My hard drive with Windows on it died about a month ago and I've had
to keep up with my client's demands using just Ubuntu, so I've really
been working with the graphics tools a lot.

At the very least, if someone else is covering this subject, feel free
to contact me if you need clarification on something or just need
someone to bounce ideas off. :-)


Ubuntu SVG Artwork -
Art, like morality, consists of drawing the line somewhere. ~ G.K. Chesterton

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