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Abelli Andrea cenerentola at
Tue Nov 16 12:59:50 UTC 2004

i'll paste [sorry i have no time, but ive the need to let you know
what's going on,and to know what you think of it] a recent irc-monologue
of mine:

<cenerentola> since i started dreaming of an UbuntuLinux ITALIA
<cenerentola> loads of projects came up while dreaming at night...
<cenerentola> 1) im setting up a framework for "how-tos development"...
<cenerentola> ---excursus starts here---
<cenerentola> since with btlug we're pushing ubuntu in schools, public
administrations, voluntary associations... so on
<cenerentola> we HAVE the need of supporting REAL, NEVER HEARD OF,
<cenerentola> like clerks, literature teachers, and so on...
<cenerentola> ---excursus's over---
<sivang> great
<cenerentola> so i thought that itd be a nice thing to create [im
talking about Ubuntulinux italia]
<cenerentola> a framework for producing hominid-proof how-tos:
<cenerentola> [in current language (nd, or at least supposed so)]
because of the fact that every installation is different from machine to
machine [and if the hominides read an howto where dpkg is used, this is
more true than ever]
<cenerentola> i thought of a place [: like subversion] where i can
upload an how-to and all the doc-team members can add their
"experiences" to create an hypertext like "if what appear is -xyz- click
here otherwise if no exceptions are being thrown click-here".
<cenerentola> ..
<cenerentola> so not a mere how-to that, by definition, CAN'T cover all
the possible aspects, that is WAYS, of an installation...

what do you think?
this is not the whole thing but im waiting for youre replies... for a
deeper description.

thx for you're interest
"Knowledge is power." --Sir Francis Bacon
keep it up

andrea abelli
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