I dont seem to be able to log into wiki

Christoph Haas email at christoph-haas.de
Mon Nov 8 22:21:55 UTC 2004

Simon Michael wrote:
> if you are using the wiki a lot, try the non-plone zwiki skin; it is 
> faster out of the box. Press alt - (or your browser's equivalent) or 
> select it in preferences. If you still see the plone skin, do 
> shift-reload or ctrl-f5.

It's probably not only the display style. I submitted a common Wiki page
yesterday (two screens long) and it took a minute to save. There seem to
be "rush hours" on the web page though because in the morning (CET) it
seems to be faster.

Is the web server heavily overloaded at times?

Although the Alt+- was a nice hint. Didn't know that shortcut yet. :)


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