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Louise McCance-Price lu at
Mon Nov 1 18:17:13 UTC 2004

Hi Alex

A little more feedback:

I think we are at risk of focusing on "Documentation" only, but the wiki 
is a brainstorming area for everyone and everything to do with Ubuntu.
The community must not be afraid to contribute here and there must be no 
"barrier to entry" so to speak.

Thus, why do people need to consult the doc team first before changing 
the FrontPage? Surely this sentence should only apply to the 
Documentation Home page of the wiki? Please discuss any changes to the 
FrontPage on the Documentation List BEFORE making them.

Wiki gardeners will ensure that info is moved to the best location, but 
people must not be afraid of making a mistake. I think we'd rather have 
a wiki that
people enjoy and want to contribute to, and we can ensure that  if it's 
not in the most logical place, it gets moved.

    * I think it would be worth going through all the current pages,
      deciding on whether the high level sections that you have up there
      ensure that each page of current information has a home that is
      easy to find in a logical location.
    * Decide whether is should be on the main website or on the wiki,
      and then create the section/page on the website or wiki to
      accommodate it.
    * We need to have information for our users as accessible as
      possible - 3 clicks rule :o)
    * Alphabetically ordered info is always easier to find unless there
      is a logical order to the info that overrides it.

perhaps we need to encourage people more openly.....a suggestion: and to 
move the ban on changing the front page to the documentation pront page.

Welcome to the Ubuntu Wiki.

This is the official brainstorming area for the Ubuntu Community.

Everyone is free to edit the pages on this wiki to correct and improve 
them, except where special consideration is necessary (this will be 
noted at the top of the page). Before making any changes you must login 
at the top right of the page and create an identity. This is so we know 
who has created or edited pages and helps us get in touch and track 
changes on the wiki.



Alexander Poslavsky wrote:

>On Mon, 01 Nov 2004 15:26:35 +0000, Louise McCance-Price
><lu at> wrote:
>>Hi Alex
>>Perhaps I have missed it :o( or it's not easily found from the proposed
>>home page - but where does the work on the Ubuntu distro sit -
>>WartyWarthog and HoaryHedgehog? Please point me to where it is/you
>>propose it on the new wiki page.
>thanks for your feedback, i updated the page, what else is needed to
>make this a good frontoage for the wiki?

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