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Sean Wheller sean at
Sat Dec 25 11:04:17 UTC 2004


I've had a look at the docs svn repos and have several problems with it that I 
am offering to fix. Here follows my thinking:

1.Create Standard SVN Repository Layout

Standard Subverison repository is managed in three folders:

2. Implement SVN hooks

svn can send email notification on all commits to any mailing list (we will 
need a mailing list, suggest commit-docs)

3. Implement hot-backup

This would create a per-commit snapshot of the repository for archival or 
emergency recovery purposes.

4. Setup stdin  and stdout (svn://)

5. Spawn svn as service from inetd

6. Migrate current repository to trunk
tag this revision tag/rXXX

Proposed structure (for start, can be changed)

	debian/ (as today)
	faq/  (as today)
	userguide/  (as today)
	adminguide/  (as today)
	quickguide/  (as today)
	lib/  (xsl, sh, py etc.)
	common/  (common files such as legal.xml, copyright and often used entities)
	images/  (central point for image src and export formats)

This would be a start point for the new repos. CHanges in structure will be 
easily managed, we can use tags/ at revisions and people can use branchs/ if 
they will be making intrusive changes. Otherwise all work will be in trunk/

I understand that there is a proposal to move to 'arch,' however I am not sure 
when this will happen. I also understand thatthis is a  'sandbox' test for 
the doc team. I don't know much about arch, so I will be installing it local 
for testing. In the interim, my suggestion is to get svn running today and 
work there while people are testing and learning about arch.

Thoughts, flames and all the rest, welcome.

Sean Wheller
Technical Author
sean at
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