I think the book is aleady done :-)

Chua Wen Kiat jiyuu0 at kitech.com.my
Sat Dec 11 18:12:24 UTC 2004

On Sat, 2004-12-11 at 18:18 +0100, Alexander Poslavsky wrote:
> Hi guys,
> let's not make too much out of the license problem right now. We are
> working to fixing up the license on the ubuntu-site. When that is done
> we can go and talk to the guy and *ask* why he licensed it like this.
> It might be he just has not thought about it.
> It is nice people write about Ubuntu and it is really quite nice.
> Let's not flame him. If we can solve all this in a friendly way then
> that is much preferable.
> greets all from Barcelona,
> AP


I'm the author of the guide. Just came across this thread.

What license problem am I facing? I seriously have no idea... Plz let me
know before I caused myself any problems.

I have a feeling that the guy who is not happy with me is someone who is
doing documentation. He might thought that I had copied his work but
never credited him.

As far as where I got all those information, I had done quite some time
doing research on Linux. Diggin up information from... books, internet,
friends, etc

The guide was also previously from my abandoned project fedoraguide.org
(the old version is still there). Abandoned because of too much negative
inputs. Community there never gave me the chance the continue. Mockery
of why do something where there is already fedorafaq.org :( I did
actually continue with it, but never released it to public... as I use
it for helping my friends here

Of course some howtos are from the ubuntu doc, wiki and forums. In the
acknowledge I did gave thanks to the people at ubuntulinux.org and
ubuntuforums.org and irc channel. For those that helped me directly, I
did acknowledged them directly by their name. Is it not enough?

Hope I'm not making any mistake here. Please let me know... Thanks :)

Reason of why ubuntuguide.org?
I am going to launch a club soon. And my team will be promoting and
doing workshops with ubuntu to our members. The members are consist of
students from colleges/universites. Currently 10 institutes had already
signed up. We are expecting 5k members by march. The guide was written
to assist the members to get knowledge from a one stop station. It was
published on the web so that it can be shared across rather than just
our members. We have already contacted canonical regarding this club.

The guide is not completed yet. People are already contributing directly
through email. I'm still workin on it. It will be the framework for a
more detailed version for Hoary.

Btw, my primary email is jiyuu0 at gmail.com

Best Regards,
Chua Wen Kiat

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