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Report from the opening morning session.

Mark got the scene on the conference opening, with a groovy introduction
to what's going to happen:
 Thanks to the local government for co-sponsoring the conference.

 There will be the TV coming up at some surprise time, so be pretty! ;)

 Congratulations to mdz for the excellent work on warthy

 One of the biggest goals in this conference is to make a level-playing
   field to allow non-core-team people to get involved

Then (shht, don't tell anyone ;) some information about Launchpad had
sneaked out some day before the big announcement:

<sneaky preview>
 "Launchpad" is an infrastructure to take the open source community from a
   fragmented world to a coordinated world, being the glue that makes
   collaboration possible, bridging different distributions.
   The underlying platform that makes collaboration easy.

  Launchpad has various components:
    Bazaar, Arch is painful, but bazaar team is moving fast, and will
      make it the best revision control system ever
    Rosetta, a collaborative tool for translators, will be launced in
      this conference.  By the time we get to Hoary, it should be the
      platform to do translation in Open Source
    Malone, the bug tracking infrastructure, a centralized database for
      a distributed bug tracking system, already links to bugzilla,
    Soyuz, the package management, which tracks status of packages,
      branches, patches, what went into what
</sneaky preview>

Post Hoary the focus will be on collaboration and community

There will be people from outside the Ubuntu teams coming and going all
the time, which is nice for meeting new people and spreading idea, but
it means we need to take more care of our belongings.

There will be 3 rooms upstairs:
 - BOF room
 - Hackroom
 - Quiet room

If you have any questions, the go-to people are: mako, jdub, lulu

For every BOF there will be a notetaker, taking notes (possibly straight
in the Wiki), and publishing them right away (for docteam BOFs, I'll
take care of that).

I'm putting my pictures of the event here:
Besides the usual windows problems at Fiumicino airport, you can see
some pictures of the power supply in the main room (ChrisH was worrying
there was not enough).



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