Updates to the UPG for UDD

Barry Warsaw barry at ubuntu.com
Tue Jan 31 23:18:08 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I have a merge proposal to update the UDD documentation part of the packaging
guide.  I'm hoping this can be reviewed, merged, and published before my UDW
session tomorrow (it's okay if it can't).

The branch fixes some typos and formatting issues, but there are really two
substantive changes.

First, I've updated all the discussion of using `bzr merge-package` to just
use `bzr merge` as is now the case in Precise.  I do give minimum bzr and
bzr-builddeb version numbers for this, but don't dwell on the old way too

Second, I've removed all the discussion of using looms to generate quilt
patches.  In going through the described procedures, I realized they just
don't work very well, and it makes things much more complicated.
Specifically, the problem comes down to when you are in the thread that
contains both the in-source change and the quilt patch, there is no way to
`quilt push` the patch, because the source tree already has the changes.

This is a problem in the non-loom approach (which I describe better now, and
have tested), but it's easier because you can just shelve or revert the
in-source change once you've imported the quilt patch.  I've actually been
using this fairly successfully for a while now.  While I still like the idea
of using looms instead of quilt, and am a little sad to let go of this, for
now, I think it's clearer to avoid the whole thing.

So, I hope these changes simplify the UDD workflow.  I've run through and
tested them with various packages so I'm pretty sure the instructions are
accurate.  Reviews are welcome of course!



P.S. See you at 1900 UTC in #ubuntu-classroom tomorrow.
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