Breaking up the importer's huge file

Max Bowsher _ at
Mon May 23 11:44:04 UTC 2011

> Max Bowsher wrote:
>> "package_importer" is a bit long. "udd" works for me, especially as the
>> project lives in lp:udd.

On 23/05/11 12:19, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> The term udd is, unfortunately, overloaded. It's also 'Ultimate
> Debian Database'. I suggest something that avoids that. Maybe
> ubuntudd or uddev?

The conflict is unfortunate. The importer's Launchpad project ID is udd,
though. Given these Python modules are not going to be packaged or even
used other than by files in the same tree, renaming them at a later date
is trivial - therefore, I am in favour of matching the Python module
name to the Launchpad project ID - and if we change both of them at the
same time at some later date, that's fine.


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