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Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Mon May 23 08:50:11 UTC 2011


Am 20.05.2011 17:46, schrieb Barry Warsaw:
> A couple of quick notes on UDD documentation.
> At UDS-O, we agreed that the current wiki documentation should be deleted,
> with pointers added to Daniel's Ubuntu Packaging Guide.  Even though the
> latter is currently only available via a temporary link, it's better not to
> have multiple versions of the UDD documentation floating around.
> This is now done.  When Daniel gets a permanent URL for the docs, I will of
> course update the links.  Here's the current URL:

David Planella, Jono Bacon and I agreed that we might put it up at
developer.u.c some time this cycle. I'll keep you in the loop about when
this happens.

> This also means that if you want to make changes to the docs, you should
> branch the UPG's trunk and do a merge proposal.  The trunk is at
> lp:ubuntu-packaging-guide
> I just submitted a merge proposal for the one small bit of information that I
> found in the wiki, but not in the reST docs:


Thanks everyone for your work on this!

Have a great day,

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