new job working on ubuntu packaging and version control tools

Martin Pool mbp at
Wed Jul 20 00:55:14 UTC 2011

We have a job opening at Canonical to work on Ubuntu packaging and version
control tools: <>.  If you're interested in the
topic of this list, you may well be interested in this job.  You can talk to
me by mail or on irc (poolie) if you'd like to know more.


*Role Summary*

Canonical builds, ships, and supports tens of thousands of open source
projects in order to produce the leading free desktop and cloud operating
system Ubuntu.  A great challenge in this endeavour is tracking, reviewing
and merging the huge number of changes that feed into Ubuntu from the
original software developers, Debian, and Ubuntu community members.   We're
building new kinds of tools to support this, including automatically
synchronizing source packages and version control branches, and Launchpad's
popular recipe builds.  Come and join us: there's a lot of interesting work
still to do, and a great environment in which to do it.

*Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:*

We are looking for someone who cares, as we do, about:


   shipping excellent software products (especially in Python, C and Go)

   thinking about, advocating, and implementing changes to make development
   teams more effective, and to let more people contribute to free software (we
   originated the Patch
   now used in Ubuntu)

   making software that is fast and responsive, by systematically measuring
   and improving performance (one of our developers wrote the
   memory profiler)

   working well in a distributed open source team: by using your own time to
   the best advantage, supporting your team mates, and communicating using all
   appropriate tools

   understanding the internals of bzr, git, hg, or other version control
   systems (members of our team wrote Dulwich, bzr-git and bzr-hg)

   contributing to a free software operating system, especially Ubuntu or
   Debian, and knowledge of packaging tools, their implementation, and of the
   social issues and practices in a large distribution

   testing and agile deployment (our contributors originated
   , testscenarios <>,
   amongst other Python testing innovations.)

*Key Skills and Experience:*

This job will involve:


   writing code to fix bugs or add new features in Bazaar, bzr-git, bzr-hg,
   bzr-builddeb, Launchpad, the other systems they rely on, and more

   communicating with distribution developers to explain how to benefit from
   the tools we produce, and to understand their requirements

   working from your home, anywhere in the world (great view, great coffee

   some travel a few times per year to attend team sprints and events such
   as the Ubuntu Developer Summit <>
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