Import layout of Quilt v3 packages

Barry Warsaw barry at
Tue Feb 8 14:45:38 UTC 2011

On Feb 08, 2011, at 02:23 PM, Max Bowsher wrote:

>I think we should go ahead and change the package importer _now_ to
>revert to importing 3.0 (quilt) source packages with patches *not*
>applied. When it does so, it should probably write a
>"debian/source/local-options" file containing "unapply-patches". This
>will give us import branches that are actually usable for UDD-style
>development *now*, which I think we currently do not have for 3.0
>(quilt) packages.
>Once the problems surrounding ubiquitous looms have been solved, we can
>think about switching the import format again, but at least we will then
>have usable UDD between now and when we reach that point.

It's not entirely unusable now.  It's also not entirely awesome either.

Discovered with much experimentation.

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