juju-izing udd

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at canonical.com
Thu Dec 22 12:36:58 UTC 2011

Am 22/12/11 08:11, schrieb Martin Pool:
> I'm going to try writing a Juju charm for the udd importer.
> (time passes)
> Well, I did start, but I got bogged down in debugging why my lxc
> provider won't boot.  Details and tiny patches on the juju list (which
> you should join.)  If someone else wants to have a go, please do.
> Plan:
>  * it runs on Lucid, so we need a lucid charm
Is there actually a requirement to have it run on lucid? It might be
nicer to run it on oneiric, as various packages are more recent there.
>  * the importer ought to be checked out from the branch
>  * what other packages does it need? bzr, bzr-builder, ...

>  * where is it going to store its working state? on ebs?
Perhaps just a mount point? It seems there are a couple of providers of
that already.

>  * how does it get the secret keys to access Launchpad?
Perhaps they'll fit into the configuration for the service? I'm not sure
how public the data in there is though.



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